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Cuttings in paper plugs have a lot of advantages: a better rooting, an extremely equal growth, an easily transplantable plant that roots quicker in the pot, etc.  The paper plug has already been successfully integrated in ornamental horticulture, tree nurseries and vegetable cultivation.   You can make paper plugs using a paper plug machine whenever you want.  It offers your company great flexibility.  A single acting machine produces up to 5,000 plugs/hour, a double acting one up to 9,000 plugs/hour.  The machines are available for plug diameters from 15 mm up to 50 mm.  The patented vacuum system vacuums the soil with an adjustable density.  We delivery biodegradable paper that perfectly fits your cultivation. The result is an optimal plug with substrate of your choice.  Please contact us if you have never before experienced the advantages of a paper plug.  We provide professional information and if required, we can supply you with a small test kit of plugs.  The paper plug machine can be extended with a full-automatic robot that puts the plugs in the trays.